When you have a product or service to sell, it can be sold on an ecommerce website! Online stores have made it quicker, easier and more profitable to sell your small business' product or service to an ever growing target market.

Many incorrectly assume that ecommerce only works with tangible, mailable products, but the truth is that, with the right setup and Shenandoah Websites' help, you can sell nearly anything online. In addition to the commonly expected physical items that can be shipped, services can be scheduled, paid for and followed up with online. Digital products, such as newsletter subscriptions, ebooks and high resolution photographs are also good candidates for an online sales presence.

There are several advantages to maintaining an ecommerce website. First, if you already have a website for your business(and you should), there will be little more recurring overhead involved with attaching an online sales channel to it. Second, an ecommerce site (usually) doesn't require dedicated staff to sit by it to keep it profitable. In addition to that, if the weather is bad outside, making travel difficult, online sales are unaffected and may even increase.

Once you have an ecommerce website, your target market increases exponentially!

eCommerce Websites

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Tips to Remember for eCommerce

1. Don't forget to consider the cost of packing and shipping tangible products
2. Follow-up with pleased and displeased clients
3. Build a list of clients! When you have a new product or service, you'll have an email list to announce it to.
4. Know your market. Don't bring a new product into your business solely to sell it online unless you have thoroughly researched it.
Shenandoah Websites has years of experience with online sales. We provide our merchant clients an online store presence in multiple ways.

First, if you already have a Wordpress website, we have setup multiple WooCommerce sites that allow you to use an interface you are already familiar with, to sell your products.

Second, some of our clients have custom websites that are built with other website tools and they need a custom website store. Shenandoah Websites offers custom online store carts that allow for images, custom shipping options, item variants, and multiple payment gateways.

Is your product digital? Some providers just can't integrate digital products into your store. We are able to automate purchases of digital products so your customers can download the product immediately after payment!

Don't settle for outsourced work by someone just looking to cash your check, call Shenandoah Websites to get your store online right away!

Even though online sales began in the late nineties, the trend of purchasing online is STILL increasing! Don't let your business fall behind, offer your product or service to your website visitors and allow them to pay you directly! To get started online, all you need are some high resolution product pictures and a pricepoint!

Shenandoah Websites can take care of the rest for you.

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