Learning how to start a website isn't a lengthy or complicated process. Below, we've outlined steps you can take to make it simple and easy! There's no reason not to get started planning your website today!

How to Start a Website

Determine Your Website Goal
Start Your
Website Today!
Are you starting a website to publicize your business? Do you want to sell products or services online? Are you looking to recruit employees? The answers to these questions will help determine what you will need incorporated in your website, and also indicate the size of the project, for planning and budgeting purposes.
Determine Your Budget
Look over your financials and get a solid estimate of what you can afford when you start your website. A new website doesn't need to cost thousands of dollars, and you can always grow it down the road, as your business takes off. The minimum you should plan on would be a round $200 with an extra $120 for yearly hosting and domain registration fees. This will cover a basic website with all necessary contact information, and several pages about your service or product and your business message.
Talk to Shenandoah Websites!
After you've decided to start a website and have an estimate of how much you can afford to invest starting your website, give Shenandoah Websites a call and let us know when you need to start the site and the goals you have for it. We can help you get everything lined up, laid out and pushed to search engines so visitors can find you on the web!
We Will Help You Plan
We will meet with you at no cost, take the information you provide, ask a few more questions and develop a staged plan for the startup of your new website. We will stay in contact with you the whole way and get more information as needed
You Will Control The Timeline and Process
From start to finish, we will get your approval on layouts, design, photos, and even text content. You will have the opportunity to provide as much(or as little) input as you desire. When we think the project is nearing completion, we will provide you a link to the demo and get your input on what you like and what (if anything) needs  to be changed. Your site will not go live and the project will not be complete until you decide it's ready.
We Will Test, Test, and Re-test Before Release
Nothing's worse than a cake half-baked or a product released without testing. We test the components of your new website prior to release to make sure your company or organization's image is protected.
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