Ok, your business or organization has a website, now what? Do you know how many people found your website this month, last week, or this year? More importantly, do you know how these people found your website? Was it Google, Bing, or a website promotion service you employed? The correct website analytics package can answer these questions.

The answers to these questions make a huge difference in whether the traffic to your website increases or tapers off. You need to know what's working for you and how well your money is being spent!

Shenandoah Websites can monitor the traffic on your website, analyze the numbers and keep you informed of how website visitors are finding you! We can help you find out which part of your website drives the most customers to your door or keeps your phone ringing.

If part of your website is never being visited, there are improvements that you can make to increase visibility and make it work better for you.

The importance of knowing the statistics behind your website traffic cannot be overstated and Shenandoah Websites can help you make since of it all!

Website Analytics

Here are actual screenshots of the statistics you'll have available if you host your websites with Shenandoah Websites!
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