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Struggling to reach new homes for your pups? Is your breeder website looking a little dated? Your website makes a huge difference in perception of your home breeder program. If you can’t reach people, you won’t find homes for your pups.

When designed correctly, your new dog breeder web design can effectively communicate the standard of love, care and attention you provide for your dogs.

We carefully interview the breeders we work with to ensure they excel beyond just the industry standards for care, treatment and housing of their dogs.  We take steps to verify their information, customer satisfaction history,  and breeder reputation prior to working only with responsible breeders.

Responsible dog breeders want to find the best homes possible for their litters. We design the best, user-friendly, over-performing websites for responsible, caring dog breeders across the United States. For these websites for dog breeders, we offer a complete “white-glove” approach. After our in-depth interview, we collect a wide array of information from them covering their dog breed, their policies, care and treatment, and much more. Using this information, combined with thorough research of the breed, we are able to produce a “deep” website that exceeds the breeder’s expectations.

We setup dog breeder websites to attract the best applicants for the specific breed of canine being raised.  Applications for puppy adoptions, direct messages from prospective adopters and more is handled entirely by the website, allowing the breeder to spend more time caring for their dogs. Monthly (or more often, if needed) updates are all included in the proposals we provide, and we will maintain mailing lists and review collection channels to be sure the dog breeder’s website is up to date and prospective clients find relevant information prior to making their adoption decision.

We incorporate all of the important but less-known, must-have features into your new website to encourage interaction with potential adopters of your pups! Our unique approach has resulted in websites with over 135 unique visitors EACH DAY from search traffic alone. This website traffic builds your kennel’s reputation and authority in canine breeding when visitors find answers to what they’re searching for on your dog breeding website.

Clients of our Premier Level hosting can subscribe to our dog breeder management software, allowing for management of litter records, vaccinations and other important dog breeder information.

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We require the following prior to working with a breeder:

  • Phone or web conference call

  • Live video tour of their facility (can be done on a web conference)

  • At least two client references who can speak to the quality of dog they purchased. (exceptions may be made for new breeders)

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For our kennel websites, we use the latest software to collect video feedback from their clients so that it can be posted on their website.

This lets prospective clients “virtually” become acquainted with the dog breeder and their puppy adoption experience. It’s important to build a relationship with those looking for a purebred pup and let them see how your kennel stands apart from others.

As a note to those who may have found this page while looking for a purebred puppy: It’s important to personally talk to breeders or kennel owners that you find online through their website to make sure you’re getting the puppy you’re expecting, and that it’s been bred and cared for in a responsible manner all the way up to adoption. We encourage you to call, video chat or visit(if possible) to meet the breeder personally.

You might ask “Why not use a dog breeder website builder?“. Well, there may be one out there someplace specifically for kennels. It may or may or may not do what you want. One thing’s for sure, however. Dog breeder web design builders are just like any other website builder. You’ll end up with a “canned” website that acts and functions exactly like any other website that uses a website builder. You’re limited by the software and it(by design) will only include features that “most” people would want it to do. Your dog breeder website will end up looking very much like everyone else’s. Don’t settle for “meh”, make your dog breeder website stand out from the pack by choosing Shenandoah Websites!

Just a few things we can offer..

  • Custom logo design

  • A custom, mobile-friendly website

  • BLAZING FAST website hosting

  • Mailing lists to keep in touch with your clients

  • Puppy picture galleries

  • Testimonials – let your clients speak for you!

  • ForeverHome(c) Online Forms
  • SEO / Marketing

  • Paypal / Stripe Payments

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