Low Cost Websites

Get a low cost, small business website that will grow with your small business! As your business grows, so will your website. Unless you’re running an ecommerce store, your website doesn’t need to be dozens of pages in size!

There are several advantages to starting off with a small website:

  1. Lower intial costs – less expensive to startup
  2. Less ongoing website management – Fewer updates needed with business re-alignment or product/service changes
  3. Simple navigation – visitors can quickly find what they need on your website

Shenandoah Websites designs websites primarily for small businesses, although we have several mid-sized business clients. Our familiarity with the needs and opportunities for small business allows us to focus your low cost website on the parts of your business that bring in your revenue. Once targeted, your new small business website will find clients for you – in your most profitable sectors!

If you own a service-oriented small business, you will most likely be just fine with a low cost website, that’s targeted to your audience. A low cost website for your small business does not compromise our commitment to you! With these less expensive website hosting packages, you still get our fast, reliable, service and years of experience working in your corner to grow your business. We have affiliated with a Winchester, VA business coach. Shenandoah Websites knows that our success depends on your success!

About Those “Free” Websites

As a word of caution, there are indeed companies that offer “free” websites. There are also other people that would recommend them to you as a way to cut costs. Will they work? Short answer is “kind of”. The long answer is a bit more complicated. When you choose a “free” product, you are the product. The big company will give you the site, but then they have access to everything about it: Your statistics, your content, your visitors. They also advertise that you are using their free product by placing their banner or advertisement on your business website. If the company offering the “free” site shutters, so does all of your content, with no way to retrieve it.

Secondly, those website-in-a-box sites can’t target your website to your clients as well as a custom website. In their efforts to make the building process “simpler”, important aspects of the website are either automatically decided(or more accurately, mangled) by their website builder software, or those small but important bits are just omitted altogether.

Custom Design

Only pay for what you need!
Get Started Now!

” A low cost website is much different than a cheap website. A cheap website will cost you much more in the long run, in lost clients and missed opportunities. It’s worth the extra upfront cost to have a good website built by a professional. “

Want to move your website elsewhere? Sorry, there’s no easy way to do it – by design. You’re stuck. To move it elsewhere, you’ll end up paying someone to do it manually anyway. Want to add functionality to your website? Cross your fingers. If that “free website” company doesn’t offer it, you won’t be able to do it. If they do offer it, they will offer it their way, not yours.

All of that said, there’s a better way to look at the “cost” of your business’ website – it should be an investment. Your business website should pay for itself, several times over. If you paid $1,000 for your website, you should expect it to pay for itself. If it cost you $12,000; it should still pay for itself.Several of our clients are paying themselves many times over by paying us to setup and manage their website.

Shenandoah Websites adds our value to your business. If your current website isn’t paying for itself either in traffic or conversions, give us a call.

When you choose a “free” product,  you are the product.