Fix My Website

“Please Fix my website! It’s broken and we can’t figure it out!”

“My web designer moved to the Philippines and I need something changed.”

There are many reasons people have called Shenandoah Websites and we are happy to fix a broken website, no matter the cause!

“Fix my website!” is one of our specialties. If you have something wrong with your business website or personal blog, just call Shenandoah Websites to fix your site fast.
No web page problem is too large or too small for our attention. We’ve resolved issues as small as WordPress widget customization to large problems like a hacked website.

Fix my website!

Website Broken?

Shenandoah Websites can fix your site and get it running again!
Fix my website!

Some website problems take more time than others, but we will help you get your site fixed and in working order. In the worst cases, we may suggest moving the content to a new website to resolve deeper problems. Don’t let your broken website limp along another day, call us to get it fixed quickly!

Regular website maintenance makes it easier to resolve problems when they arise. Check your website out frequently to make sure things haven’t changed. One of the signs of a hacked website is subtle changes. You may notice unusual links appearing, pictures failing to load or other oddities. Fixing a website problem is much easier and less time-consuming when it is caught early on.

Sometimes websites need to be updated or completely overhauled to be fixed correctly. Outdated website technology can cause animation to be presented incorrectly or sometimes completely hidden. We can update your site framework to get it working like it should. If your website doesn’t work right, it’s costing you potential clients!

Tips to Keep Your Website Healthy

  • Update your website framework regularly.
    This is the software your website sits on. (WordPress, Drupal, etc..)

  • Update website components regularly
    (plugins, etc…)

  • Review your website regularly.
    Check for things that look out of place or different

  • If your website allows users to register, check account privileges frequently

  • Get an expert opinion.
    There may be things you’re missing, and a regularly scheduled second set of eyes on your site will be of help!