Websites That Work With Mobile Devices
a.k.a. Responsive Websites

The mobile device market is growing daily and with it, the number of people browsing mobile websites on their tablet or phone. Don’t let your website get passed by because it isn’t usable on a mobile device. Shenandoah Websites’ mobile website design service is included in every website we design!

Would your business be successful if you hung up on 80% of the people who called your business phone?
Almost 80% of web users in the U.S. are accessing the web through a mobile device(like a phone or tablet), Yet under 10% of businesses have mobile-ready websites!

This is actually great news for your business!

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Don’t miss clients on mobile devices!

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In fact, it is an AWESOME OPPORTUNITY for you to get ahead of your competition! Statistically, you’ll be the only one in your industry and very likely the only one among local market that is catering to what your customers want on the device they’re using to access it.

We will design your website to be viewed on a tablet, smartphone or widescreen monitor and deliver the same content to your visitors!

If your site isn’t designed with the mobile market in mind, you are losing business. If your website text is too hard to read on a mobile platform, potential clients may skip yours for the next search engine result that’s more easily read on a smaller screen.
When your website is mobile-friendly, your website visitors will be transparently pointed to a version of your website specifically designed for their viewing platform! Here’s one example of how this affects your client base. When a phone number is added to a website, if the text is large enough, mobile phones will detect it as a phone number by the formatting and make it clickable to dial through the phone. If your website is rendered too small, it won’t be clickable without additional zooming by the end user.

Simple mobile websites are inexpensive to add to an existing website! These mobile websites use the existing content of your website and add a mobile interface that help your website visitors locate and contact your business. Visitors on small devices will be automatically redirected to your mobile website and be able to find the information on they need without squinting or zooming.