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One negative post, comment or article online can wreak havoc on your public relations. You most likely did everything you could do. You offered a refund, personal service and even a free replacement product, but sometimes a customer can damage your online reputation.

Most bad reviews or word-of-mouth has at least some basis in fact… or what’s perceived to be fact. But there are some instances where a competitor or a customer that can’t be pleased has resorted to spreading information that’s just not true. It’s a very small percentage of the time, but it happens. Unless handled correctly, potential customers may take the instigator’s word over what really happened.

Shenandoah Websites can help you manage a public relations problem by crafting honest, positive content to show everything that’s good about you and your business. Negative content can be pushed further search engine results with high quality articles, press releases and reviews left by real people.

Don’t let single negative events in your business’ history lead to a firestorm on Yelp, Ripoff Report and other review websites. Enlist Shenandoah Websites to help your public image recover!

Get your online reputation back inline with in-person reputation by showing the positive customer testimonials your business can generate every day.

Shenandoah Websites offers business reputation management, online reputation tips at an affordable cost. We help you consistently improve your business in search results along with the query suggestions. We also fix inaccurate listings in search engines and review sites.Call Shenandoah Websites for your reputation management needs today!