Web Design/Hosting Pricing

To put it plainly, we don’t post a set of cookie-cutter web design or hosting prices – because your business or organization is not a cookie. It is (and should be) different from every other business or organization. For this reason, we develop a custom design and hosting package that’s unique to your business – every time.

If you call, we will able to provide a ballpark figure, but we will need to have an in-depth no-cost, no-obligation conversation about your business and it’s needs before we write a custom proposal to cover them. You will know the cost of your website before agreeing to any work and, unless the scope changes during the project, the price won’t change either.

If you’re dealing with a business that offers cookie-cutter solutions, you’ll likely end up with a cookie-cutter website – that you’re likely overpaying for. “Standardized” prices have to account for the most and least expensive needs of the clients selecting them. Guess where on that range, the “standard” price falls.

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