Website Design for Authors

Authors require more than just a website. A website design for authors has to include certain features to make it stand out from the rest! That’s why we include contact forms, photo editing, mailing list signups and much more with each website we build.

After you’ve finished writing your book, you need a place where the world can find out about your new work. Whether fiction or non-fiction, every book takes a lot of work to complete. Our website designs for authors make your book the center of focus, free from the distraction of other authors’ titles. When readers have decided they’d like to buy your book, your new author’s site can send them to your publisher’s site, Amazon, or even allow them to purchase it without leaving your web page.

Why let your book thrive on word of mouth alone, when you can advertise it to the world with a website design that showcases your hard work?

Our Website Designs for Authors:

  • Increase book sales

  • Build mailing lists

  • Centers Attention on You and Your Book

  • Give Authors a Complete Web Presence

If you use a website builder or a canned template for your author’s site, your website will look like everyone else’s.

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Just a few things we can offer..

  • A custom, mobile-friendly website

  • BLAZING FAST website hosting

  • Mailing lists to keep in touch with your readers

  • Testimonials – let your readers speak for you!

  • SEO / Marketing

  • Paypal / Stripe Payments

book display for authors
website designs for authors