Understanding Website and Online Marketing Terminology

Marketing terminology

This is the number of people you can get to view your online ad.

This is converting an ad into an action. Typically this occurs when someone clicks an ad, then takes a desired action like signing up for a newsletter, or purchasing a product or service.

Website terminology

Your domain name is your website address. This site’s domain name is ShenandoahWebsites.com (upper or lower case doesn’t matter). You register your domain through a Domain Registrar for a yearly fee, typically $11-$15. If you haven’t already registered your domain name when you want to start your website, we include the registration in your yearly website hosting cost.

Website hosting is a rented storage location on a computer connected to the internet. These computers are called servers because they serve information to requesting computers(website visitors). Typically, these servers are configured with high-speed internet connections, redundant power and fast processors to load websites quickly and reliably.

These are just a few website and marketing terms that might be confusing at first. They can also have slightly different meanings in different situations.

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